Paul Ferzoco

Photographing light

For a long time I've been trying to figure out what my photographic style is and have come to the conclusion that my photography can not be categorized into any of the defined 'styles' that are so generic. What my photographs represent to me are the elements that make up a shot: light, darkness, color (or lack thereof), shadows and all the optical and physical elements that give a scene it's potential.

I try to not photograph things or places that are so common in portfolios: famous landmarks, objects or views that everyone shoots. That said, you will see some of those obligatory shots in my work - such scenic elements are magnetic in their attraction to a photographer and are frequently expected by an audience of a geographical area.  So be it.  If I have done so I try to make it unique.  

I create black and white and infrared images and love both.  I will shoot color where it's called for.  Color presents things as we see it, black and white strips away the embellishments of color, and infrared bares everything allowing us to see things we may have never noticed before.  Each presents a different way of exposing itself, and the light, to us.  

I'm also keen to photographing those aspects of nature that others pay nary a moment toward -  leaves, the stuff that "died on the vine", decaying vegetation in the fall, and the incredible textures and patterns of all things in nature.

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