Lightroom Statistics

I find it hard to believe that Lightroom doesn't include a method for evaluating the contents of a catalog, such as finding out how many shots you've taken in a given period, calculating what cameras and/or lenses you use most often, etc.  What a dumb oversight on Adobes' part (or an intentional omission?)  Anyway..

I found this program online at and found it e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y useful.  It can show me:

  • A graph of my shot volume (13,574) for a given period;
  • A summary of:
    • Most used camera (Sony ILCE-7RM2);
    • Number of cameras used:(4);
    • ISO most used (100);
    • Lens used most (Sony FE 90mm f/2.8 Macro-G OSS). This surprised me!  I must have used this extensively for lens testing and such tests would not generally be published on this site (see my Flickr site);
    • Number of lenses used (30). Includes a great little pie chart, too;
    • Most used aperture (f/8) with bargraph;
    • Focal lengths used (with barchart);
    • Most used file format (RAW). Actually I always used RAW+Jpeg;
    • Favorite resolution (7952 x 5304}

Described above is only the most basic version. Full versions contain a great deal more content and seem to be priced according to how much information they supply.

A very handy tool to let you know just how wrong you may have been about your shooting habits!!  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.